Why taking online mock classes are good for CA aspirants?

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Preparation of any competitive exam requires strict discipline and being adhered to a particular schedule. This is even more applicable in case of CA exams. Do whatever you can to make yourself ready to crack the exam. And online mock tests come really handy to help you in this.  Online tests are particularly designed for making students more competent and exam ready. Being a CA student, you can greatly benefit from such online CA mock test series for every stage of your course curriculum. Being a CA intermediate aspirant, for example, you can take CA Intermediate Accounts Online Classes and appear for the online tests.


Let’s have a quick glance at the benefits of such tests.

  • Get familiar with the exam patterns – CA students often get confused as the patterns of the exam is different for every different stage like CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final. Every level has its own pattern of assessment as well. Online tests help aspirants understand the pattern so they find it familiar while appearing for the actual exam. Online tests also help them understand tricky instructions of paper solving. However, they need to take the exams on a regular basis to get familiarised with the entire matter including paper layout. Also, if there is any change in the pattern, that will be reflected on the online test series as well so you get into the practice of following new pattern.


  • Manage time efficiently – Another great benefit of taking online test series for CA exam preparations is that it would help aspirants manage their time effectively so they can solve the papers in time. Online tests help them understand how to effectively distribute time on each and every question so they don’t need to leave any question unanswered due to time constraint. Also, you can divide the time prudently between long and short questions as well as easy and difficult questions. Besides taking online tests, you may also join CA Intermediate Accounts Pendrive Classes, being a CA Intermediate student.


  • Assess yourself – Taking online mock tests ensures that you keep assessing yourself and your exam preparation on a regular basis. It helps you track your improvements and understand areas that need improvement. And this is something that you, as a CA aspirant, must know and understand. This understanding can be only developed with online test series. With such tests, you also don’t need to be in a speculation about your strength and weakness in any particular subject. Just take the tests and find out the lacuna.


  • Improve speed – While taking practice tests on a regular basis, you can increase your speed gradually and eventually. Such tests play very important role in improving your writing speed for the actual exams.  So if you are concerned about your low or average writing speed, start taking online exams right away and don’t miss any chance of answering any question just because of slow speed. Besides, taking these exams also helps you analyse the entire exam scenario. You will understand where you have to increase the speed and what tricks you have to learn for performing better.
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