Why Should You Choose CMA Foundation Pendrive Classes?

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Our world is gradually moving towards technology which has bought many changes in the education sector. E-learning has become quite popular during the pandemic as it offers the perfect blend of education and technology. If you want to appear for your CMA foundation classes, you can reap the benefits of E-learning by choosing a coaching class offering online classes, pendrive classes, webinars or live lectures. There has been a recent growth in the demand for pendrive classes. If you are still confused about whether you should choose online or offline classes, first know their differences.

4 Differences Between Regular Classes And Pendrive Classes


The flexibility offered by CMA pendrive classes is one of the primary reasons why it is more popular than regular classes. Students have the flexibility to revise any topic they want and when they want. It helps working professionals undergo CMA foundation classes without giving up their jobs. They can schedule their classes during weekends.


Some of the students are quite introvert and takes a lot of time to understand a topic clearly. If you are appearing for your CMA foundation exam but feel shy to speak in front of other students in a coaching class and clear your doubts, choose CMA Foundation Pendrive Classes. It will become easier for you to clarify your doubts as you can revise each topic as many times as you want.

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Consider Your Comfort

Since pendrive classes are about educational videos, you have the freedom to play them according to your comfort. While some students can concentrate better on their studies late night, others find early morning learning more comfortable. You can pause and replay the videos according to your convenience. You can complete your foundation study material quickly and can appear for your CMA exam with more confidence.

Save Money And Time

You can save a lot of time and money by choosing Pendrive classes as you don’t have to travel to your coaching centre every week. Some students stay far from the coaching centres and can’t afford to attend their CMA foundation classes regularly. Pendrive classes are a blessing in disguise for them.

Since there are so many benefits of choosing pendrive classes instead of regular classes, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced teachers at Prepright Coaching classes.