What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Company Secretary?

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The title of a company secretary can mislead a lot of people. On the contrary, the position is not secretarial or clerical. Every company secretary or CS registered with the ICSI holds a key managerial position in the company. His or her position is similar to that of a Chief Executive Officer or CEO. A Company Secretary (CS) is responsible for the efficient administration of the company. It is no wonder that more and more people are seeking CS Executive coaching in Kolkata. The prospects are very rewarding. The multidisciplinary services offered by a CS are what makes the role very sought-after. Some of the duties that a CS is expected to perform are listed below:

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  • Company secretaries act as chief advisors to the board of directors. They provide corporate law advisory. They also suggest the role of the chairman and director of the company. A major influence in the decision-making process is their advice. After a decision has been taken, a CS also works to check if it is being implemented properly in the company.
  • A company secretary acts as a bridge between the company, its shareholders and the governing bodies. He schedules meetings and also acts as a negotiator between the two parties, the shareholders and the board. The pre and post-meeting tasks are taken care of by him.
  • A company secretary is supposed to be a legal expert in-house. He should step into the role of the compliance officer. This position demands the candidate to have in-depth knowledge about corporate laws, security laws, corporate governance as well as the capital market.
  • The role is not limited to the administrative tier. A company secretary also has to render the services of a manager when required. Not only should he be able to handle the strategic general managements, but he should also have the skills to be able to handle public relations and corporate communications. When working in such a demanding position, a CS can also be asked to manage human resources or look into the field of Information Technology.

  • Financial services are also a very important part of a company secretary’s role. A CS has to execute company audits. She should also keep updated records. Taxation and international trade matters also require a CS. The CS has to make sure that the company is complying with international trade guidelines. She is in-charge of the company not making any mistakes in the finance sector.

The role requires an individual to have a variety of skill sets. To get the coveted position, you have to ensure that you get trusted CS Executive coaching in Kolkata. You can find the best