Preparing For Your CS Executive Exam? Few Do’s And Don’ts

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If you have corporate skills, Company Secretary is the best career for you. You will act as an in-house lawyer in an organization and take care of the daily activities of the corporate secretarial departments. You won’t have any stress about meeting deadlines. ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries) conducts CS Foundation, CS Executive and CS Professional Examination every year.

If you want to become a Company Secretary and boost your career, start looking for a reputed institute in Kolkata offering CS Executive coaching classes. The exams are conducted in June and December every year so you will have ample time if you can enrol in the coaching centre early. The tutors will not only help you prepare for the exam but also share a few tips you have to follow while preparing for your CS Executive exam.

Few Do’s To Follow When Preparing For Your CS Executive Exam

Follow The ICSI Module

The ICSI Module is the best book which will help you prepare for your CS executive exam. Go through it minutely and you can assure that no questions will be asked out of the module. The exam format will remain the same irrespective of the questions asked.  Though some students prefer using other books for references, make sure your primary focus is on the ICSI module.

Study Both Theory And Practical Papers

If you want to choose the right approach to study, make sure you pay equal importance to the theory and practical papers. There are a few students who spend the entire day studying company law. As a result, they start feeling drowsy and sleepy by the end of the day.

Focus On Important Chapters

Every student preparing for CS executive exam will agree with the fact that the syllabus is quite vast and going through all the chapters minutely is a daunting task. You have to study both hard and smart if you want to pass the exam in the first attempt. If you don’t have ample time, focus more on important chapters. Teachers offering CS Executive Coaching in Kolkata will let you know which sections or topics are more important.

Few Don’ts To Follow When Preparing For Your CS Executive Exam

Using Outdated Material

There have been some recent changes in the CS executive exam syllabus. If you have appeared for the exam early but did not succeed, make sure you don’t continue studying the outdated material. Always try to follow the latest ICSI module.

Don’t Panic

Thousands of students fail to pass the exam every year because they panic more than necessary. Though having a bit of nervousness is a sign that you are quite serious about the exam and your career, panicking can put you under stress. Stay calm and confident if you want to perform well in your examination.

These being said, it’s time you follow the do’s and don’ts stated above if you are preparing for the CS Executive exam and want to succeed in the first attempt.