Preparing For CA? Know How ICAI Evaluate CA Exam Papers

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If you are one of those students who think that the method through which ICAI evaluate exam papers is not fair, its high time you debunk the myth. They never cut marks willingly. Are you one of the students preparing to become a CA? It will become easier for you to pass the exam if you know the process through which exam papers are evaluated by ICAI.

Types Of Questions You Can Expect

There are generally two types of questions you can expect during the exam. They are subjective and objective. There is less controversy regarding the objective papers as you can either be wrong or right. People start passing judgements when it comes to subjective papers. Not everyone is aware of the fact that even ICAI tries to find objectivity in subjective papers. It means that they try to give numerical scores depending on your performance in the subjective paper. Enrol in a reputed coaching centre helping students with CA preparation in Kolkata to improve your performance in both the papers.

Who Evaluate Your Exam Papers?

ICAI considers the experience and qualification of the examiners before selecting them. A majority of them are university professors who are given preferences because of their specialised knowledge.  Some of them are even practising Chartered Accountants. Once the examiners are selected, they undergo training where they are taught how to evaluate papers.

Some mock paper evaluations are also scheduled to prepare them as an examiner and assess their capability. If they can complete the training and evaluation process, they are selected to evaluate your papers.  There are a few occasions when the examiner is barred or expelled because he allotted more marks than the student deserved.

Three Levels Of Evaluators

The evaluation process followed by CA examiners is more complicated than you think. There are three levels of evaluators. They are examiner, moderator and chief moderator. The primary responsibility of the examiner is to evaluate your paper in detail. The moderator will review the paper to ensure everything is in order. The Chief Moderator will assess the quality of a few sample papers.

3 Basic Steps Followed During Evaluation Of CA Exam Papers

  • Examiners are given an answer key containing all the answers, including the alternate ones. It also contains guidelines they should follow. A step-by-step format is followed in a majority of the answers as it eases the evaluation process. They even outline the marks allotted for each step.
  • Examiners are given additional information like how to allocate grace marks to the students. If they have already evaluated the papers, the information is conveyed to the moderator. They rectify the marks if required.
  • ICAI ensures that examiners don’t tally the marks. Their primary role is to follow the guidelines and allot marks for each question. The objective is to prevent examiners from giving grace marks to those scoring 39.

Since your knowledge about the evaluation process has enhanced, it’s time you enrol in a reputed CA coaching centre and start preparing for the exam.