Prepare A Study Plan For Your CA Intermediate Group 1 Papers

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Most students appearing for CA intermediate exam don’t know how they can start preparing for the examination. If you want to qualify in the first attempt, you must follow a specific pattern when creating the study plan. Since the exam is just a few months away, it is high time for you to give full attention to your studies.

You have to score atleast 40% in each subject and 50% in aggregate. The syllabus is divided into eight subjects and two groups. You can attain a satisfactory result or a single-digit rank if you know the subjects or topics where scoring marks is easy. Before you start preparing for your CA Intermediate exam, create a subject-wise strategy by following the tips stated below.

Tips To Prepare A Study Plan For Your CA Intermediate Exam


Accountancy is one of the few subjects in your CA Intermediate exam where scoring marks is comparatively easy. Few topics you should cover are companies accounts, partnership accounting, accounting standard, special type of accounting and preparation of Financial Statements. Accounting Standards is a very easy and important topic. It covers 20 marks in the exam. Solve all the accounting questions in the practice manual and go through the latest and updated material.

Corporate And Other Laws

There are two sections in Corporate and other Laws. One is Companies’ Law and the second one is Other Laws. 60 marks are allocated for Company Law and 40 marks for the remaining part. Make sure you review the topics from time to time as the course is quite vast. Company Law is quite scoring and occupies a major portion of the syllabus. Though Company law covers 60 marks, don’t think you can pass the exam by ignoring the Other Law.

Cost And Management Accounting

Most students attending CA Intermediate accounts online classes like Costing as the subject is quite interesting. It is a practical subject. You can easily solve the questions if your concepts are clear. First, cover the theory part and then move on to the basic concepts. Understand the formulas instead of learning them if you don’t want to become confused during the exam.

Follow the tips stated above when creating a study plan for your CA Intermediate exam and get in touch with the experts at PrepRight for a few more tips.