Pass Your CA Exam In The First Attempt With These Easy Tips

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Not every student is aware of the fact that the CA exam is still considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world. It is primarily because of its lower rate of success. Though every student dreams of passing it in the first attempt, not many can achieve it. One of the primary benefits CA aspirants in Kolkata can reap is that they can choose from numerous coaching classes for CA preparation. They have trained tutors who can help the students clear the exam in the first attempt with ease. A majority of them have years of experience in training CA students and can share a few tips and tricks.

Few Tips To Pass CA Exam In The First Attempt

Don’t Become Dependent On Your Teacher

Though the guidance of a teacher is very important while you are preparing for your CA exam, becoming completely dependent on them is not a wise thing to do. You have to learn how to make your own concept of studying. When you start your professional life as a certified CA, you can outshine your peers only if you are an innovative person and a great thinker. You have to treat your teachers as a person who can guide you and not a master who can drive you.

Start Early

Even if you are a very studious student, waiting for the last 3 months to study won’t be a wise decision. Start studying once you have finalized the decision of becoming a CA and enrol in a reputed coaching centre. Though there are a few students who can pass the exam with 2-3 months preparation, they are exceptional. According to a survey conducted recently, students have a higher chance of passing exams if they study seriously and continuously from the beginning.

Craft A Time Table

The importance of creating a time table before your exam and following it strictly can never be ignored. Students have to do a lot within a limited time before the exam. The timetable helps them to utilise their time effectively and efficiently. You can stay on track with your studies and balance your study time. Make sure you allocate some time for recreational activities and sports as well. They are necessary to freshen up your mind. Once you learn time management, you can minimize your stress during exam time and maximise your productivity.

Enrol In A Reputed Coaching Centre

Since you have to rely on your coaching class to solve the practical problems, make sure you enrol in a reputed coaching centre for CA preparation in Kolkata. Their teachers should have years of experience in preparing students for CA exam. You can have complete peace of mind when you choose a coaching centre with a good reputation. Regular online tests and mock tests conducted in the coaching classes help students face the exam with more confidence.

Study Smart And Not Hard!

Since the success rate of CA exam is very low, students have to learn how to study smarter and not harder. You might not be able to complete your syllabus if you start learning each and every page of the book. Shortlist the topics you think are more important and review them often. This will save you from learning all the notes a few days before the exam. If you are appearing for a paper which requires the application of knowledge, try to understand the topics instead of memorizing everything.