Know The Tips and Strategies of Passing the CMA Course

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The Certified Management Accountant is one of the most sought-after certifications. Most career-minded individuals take this course to advance in the field of accounting and finance. It holds high acclaim, and you can instantly land up different opportunities and enhance job prospects. CMA is a coveted course that expands your learning base. You can avail the CMA Foundation Pendrive Classes and train from their online classes.

Once you pass the CMA course, it signifies your knowledge of different fields. It mostly includes financial planning, control and analysis, professional ethics and more. To pass the CMA exams is not an easy task. It requires thoughtful planning and preparation.

Your goal should be to ask the following questions to yourself –

  • Am I familiar with the materials of the CMA exam?
  • When did I study for the last time or took the accounting course?
  • How much time should I contribute to study each week?
  • How can I manage the deadlines to complete the study material?
  • How should I plan my course of studies with full concentration?

About the Course

The CMA course has three stages –

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Final

The syllabus consists of the following.

  • (100 Marks) Fundamentals of Economics and Management – CMA Foundation Paper 1
  • (100 Marks) Fundamentals of Accounting – CMA Foundation Paper 2
  • (100 Marks) Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics- CMA Foundation Paper 3
  • (100 Marks) Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics – CMA Foundation Paper 4

Strategies for Effective Learning

You should keep the following in mind if you are determined to pass the CMA course.

  • Try mastering the skill of time management
  • Focus on effective time utilisation to prepare for your exams
  • Plan an effective and scheduled time for studying.
  • Allocate balanced time for every subject.
  • Prepare an appropriate provision for the course.
Plan a study schedule

Make sure to check the progress of your study and compare it regularly with your plan. Evaluate your progress, and compare it to the plan you have prepared. In case you are falling behind, adjust your plan and make the tweaks accordingly. Adjust your schedule if you are learning a tricky topic or have less studying time in any particular week. However, it is important to maintain consistency. Never think about abandoning your studies.

Review the material after completion

Be sure to review your entire syllabus after you complete studying all topics. When you do periodic revisions, you can check the progress of your study. If you face trouble remembering any topic, check it once again.

Take Care of Your Health

If you are studying the CMA course, you should not consider going all in. Do not consider going all-in. If you spend all your day studying, you might end up neglecting your fitness and health. If you fall sick, you cannot focus on your work and become lazy. Hence, if you seriously want to clear the CMA exams, do not forget to take care of your body and health.

Go for 15-30 minutes of every walk to feel refreshed. You can also join gym training classes or exercise at home to feel better.

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Some other techniques of study which you can apply are as follows –

  1. Prepare CMA self-prepared notes.
  2. Study from the latest materials
  3. Practice accounting problems
  4. Prepare from the CMA Books and study from reference books too.
  5. Look over the CMA Exam Pattern
  6. Study the question paper pattern of the previous examination and cover all categories of study
  7. Look at the allocated marks, the marks weightage of every category and then do preparations.
  8. Revision is the key to success.
  9. For theory subjects, focus on understanding key concepts and their applications. If you are studying law, focus on case laws and other sections. If you are studying economics, study statistics. Generally, read the business newspaper and magazines every day.
  10. While preparing subjects like costing, accountancy, and mathematics, focus on understanding the different learning methods, the formulae, the presentation format and more. Solve practice papers and find acceptable solutions.
  11. Never underestimate yourself. Motivate yourself.

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