How to Prepare for CA Foundation and Crack in the First Attempt

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Pursuing Chartered Accountancy Course is not a cup of tea and requires an extensive plan to clear it on the first attempt. CA foundation is the first of three levels and the easiest one as well. You can get into the best CA foundation classes to learn your subjects efficiently, but self-preparation is equally important. Here are some tips to prepare better for your CA foundation examination that will help you to achieve your goal.

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Preparation Tips for CA Foundation Examination

  • Know Your Syllabus: The foremost important thing is to know about the syllabus you need to cover. CA Foundation is the entry-level exam and marks the first step to becoming CA. This level has four papers, among which two are subjective, and two are objective.
  • Make a Study Plan: To score well in the CA foundation; you must make a plan for yourself and allocate your time to your studies and daily activities like eating, sleeping, exercising and relaxing as well. CA aspirants often think they just need to study only, avoiding all modes of entertainment, which doesn’t work in their favour. To become more productive and efficient, sleeping properly and relaxation activities are equally important, but you need to allocate time properly.
  • Study Materials: Though the institute provides you with study materials, you can also get more study materials that will help you understand topics and subjects better.

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  • Make your Notes: When you prepare for your CA foundation examination, ensure to make notes of what you have already read and what you are left with. You will be able to track the topics and subjects you still need to work on with this.
  • Revisions and Mock Tests: Revise your syllabus and take mock tests at regular intervals, as you will be able to know your weak areas where you need to pay more attention. It also provides you with sufficient time to improve on the topics you need to improve.

Remember that you need to trust yourself first and be patient. We at PREPRight, ensure to provide students with the best classes and teach them in an innovative manner. You can also buy video classes from our website. If you are looking for the best CA foundation online classes, reach out to us or check our website for more information.

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