How To Pass CA CPT Successfully and Confidently?

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Are you appearing for the next CA CPT exam? Well, there is no rocket science to learn to pass this exam with good score. All you need to be a bit smart and wise. You can join CA CPT Coaching in Kolkata.  Besides, here are some tips that will definitely help you do the best.

  • Accounts is the key – As it comes to CA CPT, Accounts can be considered to be the most scoring subject. If you are from commerce background, you are already aware of the basic chapters of Accounts. Solve as many problems as you can, covering each and every chapter. But being a non-commerce student, you need to put more time toward studying the theory just to make the key concepts of Accounts. You need to understand debit and credit and different accounts formats like cash book, journals, trial balance and final accounts of different types of accounts including partnership accounts, proprietary accounts and company accounts.
  • Study Mercantile Law – This comes next to Accounts in terms of scoring well. Learn different provisions of Sale of Goods Act, Contract Act, Partnership Act, Law of Torts and Negotiable Instrument Act. You must have clear understanding of different legal terminologies as well as their implications. Implications of importance cases related to different acts also need to be understood.
  • Learn Economics – As it comes to difficulty level of CA CPT, Economics is relatively easier. Focus on Macro Economics to fetch more marks. But this requires you to have good understanding of the theory part. This is about study of National Economics including Government policies and their effects on the overall economic performance of the country. Make a gross study of the chapters like policy, business cycles, long-run economic performance, productivity and consumptions as well as savings and investments. Whether a typical CPT or IPCC, your teachers can help you with your study pattern.
  • Take care of Quantitative Aptitude – This might seem a bit difficult if you are not Math-savvy. However, understanding Statistics would help you understand this. And Statistics is easier to learn than Math, at least at this level. So focus on Statistics mainly by conceptualizing the theory part. Also work out on simple problems related to correlation, regression, average, differentiation and integration as well as theoretical distribution. In exam, you may need to solve MCQs. You can solve them at the last. If there are some that are hard to solve, don’t spend time on them. Just carry on with the next. Otherwise, you can’t attempt the questions that you can solve easily and score well. Time is the most important factor as it comes to finish your paper. So manage time properly for solving different questions.
  • Attempting all is not needed – According to Best CPT Coaching in Kolkata, you don’t be diehard to solve all the questions assigned in the paper. Rather you make yourself ready to score at least 30% in all the papers. Avoid writing any wrong answer. If you don’t know the answer of any question, pass on. For a single wrong answer, you will lose 0.25. So be careful about that.

Lastly, like any exam, prepare yourself well. Focus on your study with an aim that you must pass to exam to go further and build a solid career.