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If you think that a degree is sufficient to become a successful chartered accountant, it’s high time you debunk the myth. To maintain your position and reputation, you need some excellent skills and follow some work ethics. There are thousands of CAs scattered all over the industry, with an average salary of around 6 to 7 lakhs. There are even a few CAs charging lakhs for a single audit. If you want to become a successful CA with a high salary package, make sure you have a relevant degree and possess all the vital qualities of a CA.

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Qualities To Look For In A Chartered Accountant


Chartered Accountants are professionals dealing with a lot of confidential data and financial statements of their clients. Sometimes, they also have to deal with personal information like mergers, amalgamation, conversion, dissolution, and demergers of listed companies. Maintaining confidentiality is a must as it is their responsibility not to disclose any information about their clients unless it is legally required. This provision is also mentioned in the ICAI guidelines.


A successful chartered accountant should be both honest and accurate. He should straightforwardly perform his duties and inform the management if he finds any false or misleading information. It is their responsibility to carry on their responsibilities while maintaining all the ethics, values, and principles. If they notice that a company is engaging in activities for which they might have substantial tax liabilities later, they should inform the management immediately.

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Maintain Ethics

Chartered Accountants should remember all the work ethics and values they claim to hold. Upholding your strong ethical standards is a must if you want to maintain your reputation as a certified CA. If he ever has to undertake any work against his ethics and values, he should refuse the project straightaway. Applying professional skepticism before accepting a job is one of the vital qualities of a CA.

If you possess all the qualities stated above and plan to become a CA, the first thing you have to do is enroll in a reputed institute offering CA Intermediate Online Classes. Their faculty members will nurture students for achieving top rank in the CA intermediate exam. They can also keep themselves updated with the new and amended law.