Five Common Mistakes You Must Avoid In Your CA Journey

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Are you a CA aspirant? CA is undoubtedly one of the most difficult courses. But the right guidance can make this journey worthwhile. There is something that creates the difference between CA toppers, pass-outs and repeaters. We aren’t saying anyone is less but little things create big differences. Here are some common mistakes you must avoid when preparing for CA. You can also find the best CA foundation online classes for better preparation.

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Avoid These Mistakes To Crack Your CA on First Attempt

Underestimating ICAI Study Materials

This is the major mistake most CA students make, resulting in their failure in examinations. Do not miss reading the ICAI study material, study modules, MTP, RTP, and previous year’s question papers. Use the latest ICAI study material to prepare well.

Skipping Revisions

The syllabus of this course is vast. Completing a subject and moving to the next one is fine. But many students do not revise after completing the syllabus, which creates hurdles for them in examinations. You cannot underestimate the importance of revisions for better performance.

Selecting Wrong Coaching Classes

Some students often complain that teachers didn’t teach well or didn’t make the concept clear. Choose an institute with limited batch sizes that can pay attention to each student. If this doesn’t seem possible, you can choose online classes as well.

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Leaving Hobbies 

It is a common practice. In fact, sometimes parents compel their children to quit all other activities to make them concentrate only on their CA examination preparation. But this isn’t the right approach if you want to score well. It’s true that you need to delegate a lot of time for CA exam preparation. But doing without any extracurricular activities that excite you can make you feel monotonous. This can even lead to a withdrawal of interest in studying. So, take out some time and engage yourself in some fun activities. 

Time Management

This is even a major issue during articleship. You need to divide your time in a way that covers all the subjects equally. You may want some more time for a subject you find more difficult, and that’s fine. You must also solve previous question papers to learn how much time you take to solve a paper.

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