Enrol In The Best CA Foundation Classes And Stay Prepared For The Exam

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If you think that the four months study period is not sufficient for you to prepare for your CA foundation exam, it is an indication sign that you have not chosen the right coaching centre. Look for one who has years of experience in helping students prepare for the exam within the specified study period. The tutors are aware of the fact that working hard is equally important as working smart. The four months are treated to be the minimum study period a student gets after completing registration for the CA foundation exam. Not only do you have to stay fully dedicated to your study but also follow the tips stated below.

4 Tips To Crack Your CA Foundation Exam In Just 4 Months

·         Craft A Time Table

Crafting a timetable is more important than you think if you don’t want to end up wasting your time in the last 4 months. The biggest challenge students face is to determine what they should study and where they should start. Go through the study material and allocate specific time for each subject. Not only do you have to make a proper plan but also stick to it. Allocate time for each subject and chapter according to the time left for the exam. Unless your syllabus is organised in a proper manner, it will become hard for you to analyse your performance                                                                            

·         Take Short Breaks

Even if you are in a hurry to complete your syllabus within the shortest span of time, taking short breaks is a must. According to a survey conducted a few years back, studying continuously for 24 hours on a stretch does not necessarily mean that you are studying effectively. It is necessary to refresh your mind after every 2 to 3 hours by taking short breaks. Morning is considered to be the best time to start with the theory paper.

  Choose A Renowned Coaching Centre

The easiest way to crack your exam in just 4 months is by choosing a renowned coaching centre offering the best CA foundation classes in Kolkata. The focus of the tutors should be on offering quality tutorial classes so that students get clarity on the various concepts which are important for CA foundation exam. Unless you gain clarity over the basic concepts, it will become a challenge for you to understand the complicated ones. The coaching centre should also conduct regular online tests which help in installing a sense of competition among the students.

Practice Model Test Papers

The CA foundation model test papers are considered to be an effective tool for those willing to pass the exam with flying colours. Not only do they help you accurately analyse the questions but also teach time management. Once you have completed your syllabus, start solving CA foundation model test papers. Even if you face failure in the mock tests, you can understand your weak areas and study accordingly.

Follow the tips stated above and join a renowned coaching centre and even you can pass your CA foundation exam in just 4 months.