Effective Tips to Clear the CA Intermediate Accounts Exam

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Chartered Accountancy is a highly renowned professional course in India. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to become a CA. The course is of three levels – foundation, intermediate and finals. To pass the intermediate stage on the first attempt, you should join the CA Intermediate Accounts Online Classes for better preparation.

You have cleared the CA entrance exams. Now it is time to focus on the second level of the exams known as the CA Intermediate. It is not easy to pass, but with a great exam strategy, you can easily overcome this hurdle.

Tips to Clear the CA Intermediate Accounts Exam

Know the syllabus and create a study plan

To pass this exam, every aspirant must have a full proof strategy to crack the toughest exam. You should have complete knowledge of the syllabus. Next, it is important to plan how to cover all the studies. You should set proper time intervals and revise all the topics before attending the exam. To do this, you should find all relevant study material and take time out to revise.

Timely revision

Only a study plan is not enough to pass the CA intermediate accounts exam. It would be best if you revised all topics and subjects from time to time. You can start by dividing your syllabus into parts and complete studying them in fixed deadlines. Next comes the revision. You should revise every week to be able to pass the CA intermediate exams in one go. This strategy is useful when the syllabus is broad and requires thorough studying.

No not mug up

In order to clear the CA inter exams, you should have a detailed understanding of the important topics. It is necessary that you understand the syllabus since mugging up is not a great decision. To score well in the CA exams, you must solve logical and reasoning problems. This will help you obtain high numbers in the exam.

A better approach is to try preparing pointwise notes while studying. This helps you understand the topics better, and your revision becomes fast.

A Study Plan for Accounting

‘Accounts’ is one of the most scoring topics in the CA intermediate exams. Students should focus on the following topics –

  • Accounting standard
  • Preparation of financial statements as per accounting standards
  • Accounting for special transactions
  • Companies Accounts
  • Special Type of Accounting
  • Partnership Accounting

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