Effective Tips and Strategies to Study CMA Foundation Course

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The CMA Foundation is the first level of your journey to becoming a Cost and Management Accountant. It is a beginner level course for which you can pursue training from a reputable institute. You can also take the CMA Foundation Online Classes according to your convenience. To pass the exam, you must put in hard work and effort; otherwise, the chances of passing becomes difficult.

Know How to Pass in the CMA Foundation Exam

While there are various test prep materials to study, you should chalk out a separate plan integrated with the best study tips and tricks.


Schedule your priorities

You should not be lazy while pursuing this course. To use the best resources at hand, you should sit and plan the study time. Consider whatever projects you have on hand and manage the workload. This way, you can bring out separate time for studying.

Choosing a sturdy time plan for the CMA Foundation course demands you to be flexible. For example, if you are studying while juggling a full-time job, full proof planning will work to your advantage. You can study at the weekends too.

Use the SQ3R Technique

One of the best methods of studying the CMA Foundation course is to adopt the SQ3R technique.

S – Survey the material/concepts. Surveying can be as simple as going through the headings sub-headings of the chapter that you will study.

Q – Question yourself. You can ask yourself what the key points of the concept are. Select what you need to memorize. This way, you can connect the dots and progress through the study course.

R – Actively read all the material and keep your questions prepared. Another technique of active reading that you can follow is highlighting or making notes while studying.

R – This process of reviewing is necessary. Open your textbook and go through the highlighted points.

Develop the Mindset

While being confident about studying your course is important, you should also have the right mindset. Stick to your timetable and be consistent. Provide ample time for each topic or lesson and study regularly. CMA Foundation exams are a tough challenge to take. But you can enjoy a smooth sail with proper confidence and regular studying.

CMA Foundation has a combination of theory and practical subjects. Theory subjects include:

Paper 3: Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics

Paper 1: Fundamentals of Economics and Management

Practical subjects are:

Paper 2: Fundamentals of Accounting, and

Paper 4: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics

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