Crack CS in The First Attempt – Check Out The Tips

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It’s like a dream for the CS aspirants to crack the exam (be it Foundation, Executive or Professional) in the first attempt. Every year, ICSI (The Institute of Company Secretaries) conducts CS exams for Foundation, Executive and Professional courses in June and December. Since the exam for June 2018 is almost looming, it is high time that the aspirants take care of their studies seriously without wasting time so they can pass successfully.



Study Tips for CS Exams

Whatever you do, you need to plan in advance to ensure success. And passing the CS exam is no different. Preparing for the exam is not so easy. But it is impossible either. No matter whether you are exceptionally talented or averagely intelligent, you can clear the exam. All you need to have the right attitude and be devotedly hard working. Also you need to have proper guidance and keep up with consistency. Let’s have a look at the tips ensuring success in your exam.

  • Read materials meticulously – It is only study material that helps you build a robust conceptual base and understand what to study and what not. Go through them in detail to comprehend the key concepts while developing ability to recognize different applications.
  • Practice a lot – As you know, there is no alternative to practice. You must practice a lot. Instead of grabbing reference books, first you need to create your base and then start working on it. Three materials that ensure fruitful practice are as follows:
    • Practice manual for different subjects
    • Suggested answers from a reputed CS Foundation Coaching in Kolkata
    • Revision test paper
  • Enhance learning and writing style – Everyone has their own learning style. To thrive, you need to understand your own style and then you observe your friends’ style. You may discuss with them or fellow students as these insights will definitely inspire you. These may also compel you to take the challenge to try out new methods of learning. Once you can understand and get a hold on the style, you can learn things more effectively.
  • Concentrate – CS exams are completely different and challenging than graduate and undergraduate exams conducted by different universities. The approach of CS aspirants toward their education should be totally professional. As a CS student, you need to focus on your syllabus for every subject and accordingly understand the key theme and aim. Jot down your understanding about the syllabus. Carefully scrutiny the same and go through the study materials to size the things up. Make your mind to complete your syllabus within stipulated time so each and every subject has enough time to be revised compulsorily at least once.
  • Revise – It is important that you ready the materials 3 to 4 times. First reading will be like a novel reading to help you have a gross overview of the subject. Second reading will be a detailed study to understand concepts. Third reading will be intensive to completely understand the concepts.

Whether foundation, executive or CS Executive Coaching in Kolkata, you should choose a good coaching school that will help you all the way. CS exam is no rocket science. If you study well, you can surely get success, even in the first chance. All you need dedication and the will.