CA as a Career

Today careers in accounts and finance have become immensely popular with the rapid economical growth. Demands for Chartered Accountants are on the rise. Over the years, the Chartered Accountancy profession has achieved rapid growth by virtue of quality professional services rendered by its members, and has come to occupy a prominent role in our economy and society. Chartered Accountancy is deemed to be a challenging, dynamic and rewarding profession which provide job opportunities in the field of accounting, corporate finance, corporate auditing, taxation, corporate governance and business laws to name a few. CA is a profession that imparts the best of technical skills in financial and management areas, and abilities necessary for deciding and acting upon the high-pressure situations. It is a small wonder, then, that Chartered Accountancy is a high status profession and a passport to a challenging and rewarding career in the field of industry and commerce.

In the present day scenario, the real challenge to the profession is to learn, unlearn and relearn. We should aim at achieving excellence in all our endeavours. Let us join hands to construct a credible economy in this incredible India as “Partners in Nation Building”.