Best Courses to Complement the Company Secretary Course

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Company secretary course is a compliance-oriented course. It aims to teach students about various acts and laws to help them have good governance in the corporate sector. The sector is very competitive and to stand out in an interview; you need to upgrade your skills. This will give your job profile an edge over the others. An effective way to do this would be to pursue courses that enhance your position as a company secretary. Two courses that you can look into during or after your CS Foundation Coaching in Kolkata are CA (Chartered Accountancy) and MBA in Finance or Accounting.

How will CA be beneficial along with a CS course?

A Chartered Accounting course along with the Company Secretary course is one of the most popular combinations which are sought after in the industry. The CA course enables a company secretary to be adept in financial matters of the company as well, which is something most recruiters will be looking for. Both the courses have a lot of topics that are common in the syllabus, which makes it an easy task to pursue both the courses together. You will be covering topics common to both the exams. Still, you don’t have to worry about the dates of the examination clashing as CA exams are generally held in May and November, and CS exams are commonly held in June and December. Another reason to pursue CA after completion of the CS course is the variety of job profiles available. The job openings do not always look for young and fresh candidates. The job role suits a lot of people falling into a wide age gap.

Benefits of a cost and management accounting course or an MBA:

These courses also make a perfect combination along with the CS course. You are recommended to pursue one of these courses after the completion of the CS course to uplift your job profile. The subject matters that you have to study in the CMA course are beneficial in polishing the skills of a CS and companies often look for this combination when hiring a potential candidate. An MBA in finance or accounting will also be an excellent choice to make you a more efficient employee and help you land better packages. Making the right decision before hurrying up to find a job can be very helpful in the long run.

If you decide to prepare for two courses simultaneously, it is essential to link yourself to an institute which is on the same page as you and understands your needs and goals. If you are looking for CS Foundation Coaching in Kolkata, Prepright is the place to be. The years of experience and professional, student-oriented goals that are set by the institute can do wonders for your career. With the right decisions and help from the right mentors, you can achieve all your dreams without having to worry about failure. The time to decide is now!