Become A Certified CA And Choose From Numerous Positions

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Have you finalized your decision to become a Chartered Accountant? Are you willing to hold the top-most management positions? Make sure you are prepared for the exam. A few reputable institutes like Prep Right aim to enhance your knowledge in subjects like management, finance, and business. Their tutors know that being proficient in a single topic doesn’t help in the long run. You need to have adequate knowledge of various subjects. If you don’t want to leave your home during the ongoing pandemic, you can even attend their CA Foundation Online Classes and pass the exam in the first attempt.


Top 4 Positions For Certified Chartered Accountants

Tax Accountant

Everyone running a business knows how vital every aspect of tax is. Whether it is the daily VAT calculation or the share schemes, a Tax Accountant has a lot to do.  They shoulder the entire responsibility of preparing personal and corporate statements of income tax. Whether it’s about formulating tax strategies, tax deferral, treat mergers or acquisitions, these professionals can cater to all. They have adequate knowledge about the tax code and economics. Most companies nowadays prefer professionals having legal and accounting background.

Management Accountants

They participate in all vital decision-making related to capital budgeting and business analysis. Few other functions played by management accountants are cost analysis, new contract analysis, and efficiently control expenses. They have to analyze an organization’s structure and understand whether all the goals created to control costs have been effective. They will also let you know the ideal time to invest money in other companies. Some even work together with marketing executives and financial personnel to develop a business.

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Financial Accountants

The main task assigned to these professionals is preparing financial statements depending on general ledgers. They even take part in major financial decisions on behalf of the company. These generally include merger and acquisition, financial projections, and benefits planning. Their tasks vary as sometimes they have to work on spreadsheets, visit clients or suppliers to set up new accounts, or discuss business. A CA needs to understand accountancy and finance to carry out these responsibilities with ease. Prep Right has the best teachers to guide you.


Almost all certified chartered accountants have to work as an auditor and check financial statements and accounting ledgers of the corporation and government. Nowadays, auditing work is gradually becoming computerized, so it depends on an advanced random analysis method. Auditors have to travel much and have ample scopes to work in a wide range of sectors. These help them to gather knowledge about how money is made and managed.

These being said, it’s time to enroll in Pre Right so you can pass the CA Foundation exam in the first attempt. A knowledgeable and certified CA can apply for one of the top positions stated above.