Are Online Classes the Future of Education?

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This decade has witnessed numerous changes. The shift in education is an important one. There has been a shift from the traditional medium of instruction to a more technological one. In current times the physical presence in the class is not pivotal for acquiring knowledge. One can sit inside their house and access an enormous amount of information and act on them. It is even feasible now to take online classes for professional courses like chartered accountancy (CA). The CA, Intermediate Pendrive classes, are one of the popular options nowadays. But the question arises this medium compromising the quality of education? Though there are debates around it, we can foresee online classes can become a significant attribute of knowledge in future. This is becoming an era of online education.

Is the System Flexible?

In this era of the internet, accessibility of knowledge has become more accessible. With this alternative, students can learn difficult subjects more easily. As the days are passing online classes are being considered to be a sensible choice. The online education allows the scope of flexibility which can strengthen the relationship between students and teachers. The system ensures time management according to the comfort of both students and teachers. This can help to establish a proper balance between work and studies for young teenagers.  The system can ensure more agency in making choices related to career and research.

Customized Learning Experience

The vast amount of knowledge available on the internet and can be found on the tip of our finger. The traditional medium of education is known for providing specific ranges of subject choices. In the case of online education, the content is not limited. One can access various programmes and disciplines of their choice at the same time. One can also avail certification of these courses after completing them online. These courses can make one’s CV look exciting and appealing.

The diversity of knowledge one can avail also ensures a customized learning experience. The various mediums employed in online education involve videos, e-books, photos which also encourages forums and discussions. The online classes can also use unique learning techniques and consider special needs. This extra content available via an online medium can also help in one’s personal growth.

Is It Accessible?

Though one might argue around the digital divide, online education is cost-efficient. In comparison to the traditional medium of instruction, virtual classes are available wherever there is an internet connection. While one might to not access high priced classes’ offline, they can acquire the same knowledge at a lesser cost via online courses. It saves up the time of travelling, which is thus an added advantage. A lot of money gets saved in terms of commute in case of online classes. Therefore the online mode of education requires less monetary investment.

The mode of online learning might not be able to provide a similar experience to traditional education. But it can provide with wide ranges of choices and options. As technology has become an integral part of our every day, knowledge consumption using this mode is more viable. The outbreak of pandemic projected the strength of the online method of education. If not for the online classes, education of millions would have been hampered. The online education can be cited as saviour amidst the sudden closure of in-person courses. Despite the debate around digital divide, online courses can be regarded as the future of education.

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