Appearing For ICSE Or CBSE Exam? Craft Your Study Schedule With 3 Tips

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Though there are still a few months left for your final examination, the earlier you start following a study schedule the better it will be. The easiest way to create an effective study schedule for your finals is by taking the aid of the teachers at your coaching centre in Kolkata. There are a few principals you need to consider if you want to build a schedule which will help you study in an effective manner. A good schedule will help in keeping your stress level under control and manage your health. Meeting your exam challenges will become easier when you learn how to handle time constraints and knowledge gaps.

Craft A Study Schedule For Your XI, XII CBSE And ICSE Exam With These Tips

  • Confirm The Date Of Your Exam

There are generally two ways through which schools schedule the date of the final exams. They either opt for regular class periods or rely on a complicated formula with alternate time, dates and location for the examination. If you are not sure about the date of your exam, check your school’s website or the notice board. It is not only about the date but you also have to confirm the time. After all, you don’t want to show up at the classroom an hour after the exam begins.

  • Pay Adequate Importance To Your Tests

Once you have gathered all the materials required, your next task is to prioritise the exam. This will help you determine how much time you have to spend on each subject. You have to spend more time on subjects where your grades were lower in the last examination. If you are planning to join XI – XII CBSE / ICSE Coaching in Kolkata, look for one where mock tests are scheduled at fixed intervals. It will help you learn how to prioritise your exams.

  • Maximise Your Knowledge

Determining the materials to be covered will help you craft a good study schedule. Choose the specific chapters or sections which require special attention. Solving the last few years question papers and getting them checked by your tutor will help you know which format you are more comfortable with. It is not only about finishing the syllabus but you should also check whether you have to finish any project or assignment. Completing them in advance is highly advisable instead of waiting for the last date of submission.

Ready To Create Your Study Schedule?

There are a few students who start creating their study schedule only after they realise that they are nearing finals. Doing so is not advisable if you want to make proper utilisation of the study schedule. Enrol in a renowned coaching centre in Kolkata once your session starts and establish your short and long term goals for studying.  Understand what you want to achieve at the end and you can understand the areas you need to focus on. Once you understand how much time you have to fulfil each goal, completing your syllabus before the estimated time span will become easier.