A Detailed Study Plan For Your CA Intermediate Group 1 Exam

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Passing your CA intermediate exam in the first attempt is not as easy as you think. Not only should you enrol in a reputed coaching centre offering CA intermediate classes but also craft a detailed study plan. Studying throughout the day and at night is not sufficient at times. You have to choose the right approach to study. The motto is to keep calm and believe in yourself. Reaching your goal will become easier if you can craft and follow a detailed study plan.

Study Plan For Each Subject Before Your CA Intermediate Exam


Almost everyone preparing for CA intermediate exam considers accounts to be a very scoring subject. Few of the topics it covers are accounting standard, special type of accounting, companies accounts, preparation and presentation of financial statements, accounting for special transactions and partnership accounting. You can stay updated with the revised schedules by undergoing CA Intermediate Online Classes. Companies Accounts cover a wide variety of topics and occupy a major portion of your exam paper. Accounting Standards is a very easy topic and covers 20 marks in your exam. Solve questions from the practice manual and study from the updated material.

Corporate And Other Laws

This subject comprises of two sections. They are Companies Law and Other Laws. The former covers 60 marks and the remaining part covers 40 marks. You should strictly follow a study plan for Corporate and Other Laws as the course is quite vast. If you want to memorise the topic and recall them easily during your exam, you need proper revision at fixed intervals. Though Company Law covers a vast syllabus, it is quite scoring. ICAI expects every student to study the entire syllabus. You will find compulsory questions from each section in the question paper. Just because Company Law comprises of 60 marks, don’t make the mistake of leaving the Other Laws.

Cost And Management Accounting

Almost every student loves costing as the subject is very interesting. Being a practical subject, solving questions will become easier if your concepts are clear. Few topics generally covered under Cost and Management Accounting are overview, method of costing, cost control and analysis and cost accounting system. Tutors providing CA Intermediate Online Classes always advice students to start with the basic concepts and pay importance to the theory part. Trying to learn all the formulas before the exam can make you more confused. The easiest way to avoid this is by understanding the formulas before memorising them.



Income Tax and Indirect Taxes are two sections of Taxation. The former covers 60 marks and indirect taxes cover 40 marks. The best part about the taxation paper is that it has the perfect blend of theory and practical portions. If you want to crack the exam in the first attempt and perform well in the articleship, understand each clause. As far as CA Intermediate exam is concerned, Salary and House Property are important topics. Basic Concepts and Residential Status are two topics on which you can expect short questions. Concept of Indirect Taxes and Goods and Service Tax are two topics covered in Indirect Taxes. GST is also important so go through the study material issued by the ICAI.

Follow the study plan for each subject stated above and passing your CA Intermediate exam will become easier.