7 Tips To Crack Your Accounting Interviews Like A Pro!

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Congratulations if you have cracked your Accounting exam. It calls for a celebration. But the hurdle is not over yet. The next big thing you are required to do is to present yourself credibly throughout the interview so that the selectors will be impressed with not only your might, but also your aura.

Selectors interview hundreds of candidates throughout the day. It becomes excessively monotonous after a few hours to question each and everyone about their ability and know their point of view beyond the scores of AACA exams. Doing a job and cracking a test are two different challenges.

Every interview session requires the candidates to be precise, seemingly intelligent, bright, smart, skilful, punctual and quick. But only a few carry these qualities with them to the interview room or even when carried, they break drastically when a challenging set of questions is asked.

Presenting 7 Tips To Impress The ACCA Interviewers Like A Pro!

  • Stench of cigarettes or cigars and chewing gum in mouth – these two are instant turn-offs for interviewers. Chewing gum for acquiring fresh breath is understandable, but it is visually opposite of appealing because a negative image of overconfidence and carefree attitude exuberates at its very sight. As for smoking, well it is harmful by itself. It is better to resist its urge before entering the room.
  • Improper clothing is always a turn-off in every case, and not just interviews. ACCA screenings generally are formal and hence the candidates are instructed to wear formal ensembles to it. No jeans, no round necks and no sneakers! It is required to dress formally for the interview accordingly and impeccably.
  • Never rely on only one copy of your CV. You never know whether it will be a single person taking the interview or it will be multi-seated. It is very much normal for requisition of more than one copies in case of the latter and therefore it is wise to vary multiple CVs to be on the safer side.
  • Never call any panellist by the first name unless asked or permitted for! Today, the corporate world may be adding informal mean of calling employees by their name, even the seniors, but during an interview it carries a huge risk. Especially if the name is taken wrongly. The hinting point is when the panellists introduce themselves and shakes hand and from there you have to derive the best way of beckoning them.

  • Having a balanced sense of humor will definitely give an edge to the appeal of the candidate but it is imperative to remember that it does not hit anyone in any kind of sentiment or does not cross any limit.
  • Weak or wrong body language is also detrimental for the image of a candidate as it refers to little to no knowledge of etiquette or low confidence!
  • Bringing up the topic of salary is something an interviewer is supposed to do and not the candidate!

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