6 Tips That Can Help you Get Success in CA Foundation

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CA Foundation is the first step towards the completion of one of the toughest accounting certifications. Unlike other courses like CFA, CS, and MBA, you need to be patient and focused on getting success in CA. The success will not come in a day. Magic will not happen, and no unexpected results will be generated. If you’ve all these in mind, then clear it up and start a focused journey towards the successful path.

Your journey to becoming a reputed CA will start with the CPT test. CPT or Common Proficiency Test is the foundation test of this certified course. Unless you’ve experienced the same, you won’t understand the complexity level of the entrance exam. Along with regular classes, you can also get yourself enrolled in some of the best CA foundations available online classes.

It is undoubtedly the most difficult course in commerce; however, the toils feel worth it when you get the desired outcome at the end. You may find people lecturing you tips that can help you become a CA easily.

Not be in a dilemma that there’s a shortcut for the same. To become a CA, you have to develop your concentration stage by stage. First, focus on cracking the CA foundation examination, then you may move on to the next phase. Here are a few tips that can help you get quick success in CA Foundation exams. Read on and apply them.

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Plan study schedule with breaks

Without planning, it is difficult to crack any exam you’re attempting. Hence, plan and set up a schedule first. Make a timetable subject wise. However, since this is a home-stay study, don’t forget to include breaks in between. If you keep on studying continuously without breaks, it can get frustrating.

Moreover, your mind might get jammed. Thus, it is always advisable to start early and end early. Wake up early in the morning and start with the subject that you don’t like. Since you have got a fresh mind at that time, hence grasping the difficult concepts becomes easier. Don’t stretch til midnight as your mind starts to get foggy after a tiring day. Go as per the schedule, and your course will be completed in no time.

Focus on understanding concepts

CA Foundation is an exam that tests your understanding of the concepts of commerce. Commerce is completely different from any other stream. It’s about numbers and calculations. Thus, focus on understanding the concepts of law, economics and accountancy. If you memorize the books that you get, cracking CA Foundation will be impossible. You’ll get MCQs in the exam, and hence there’s no chance of writing any trash. Hence knowing the concepts will help you mark the right answer.

Practice the topics that scare you

While you embark on the journey of a CA, you’ll come across different subjects that’ll surely freak you out. However, the more you avoid that, the more pressure you’ll feel. Instead of leaving the topic for the last, start with it at the very beginning. This will help you understand the hurdles you’ll face while solving the problems related to these topics. Once you’re done with the complex topics, your confidence level will go up. This is surely a booster for the ones who’re planning to crack the exam in a single attempt.

Don’t give up on your food and sleep

Don’t let the hectic schedule hamper your routine. Remember, patience is the key to success. Sufficient sleep and a proper diet are essential to refresh your mind. Although you’ll not have any physical labour, the excessive use of mind will certainly make you tired by the end of the day. Stick to your normal habits. Don’t skip your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Go out for snacks once in two days. This can be refreshing as well.

Attempt all types of mock tests

The best way to analyze your knowledge and skills is to attempt mock tests and past papers. Although the probability of getting common questions is less, however, these mock tests help determine the candidates’ efficiency level. The more you attempt the mock tests, the faster you’ll get. Once the CA Foundation exam form is released and you’re all set to give the exams, start practising at least one mock test paper daily.

Say no to phones and the internet

Although this might be difficult, however staying away from phones and the internet is the best solution. These are the things that will distract you from studying. You might indulge in the same during your break time. However, spending too much time with the phone will divert you from the path. Please stay away from them until you’ve cracked the exam. Just a matter of few months, and you’ll be more than happy to see the outcome of such situations.