6 Easy Tips for Getting Success in Your CA Examination

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Every year thousands of students prepare themselves for the CA exam with an aspiration to become a successful chartered accountant. According to most of the aspiring students and the established chattered accountant, the CA preparation is not easy. It demands a lot of hard work, time, patients and dedication. Students who can offer all these things can experience success. For the others, we can wish “better luck next time.”

However, is it very difficult to be prepared for the CA exam? How can you make yourself ready for this? Well, here we will try to give you a few tips that will help you to get success in your CA exam.


What Is the CA Exam

This exam is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI, which is the apex body of accounts in India. CA exams are held twice a year; May and November. This exam is often considered as one of the most critical and toughest examinations in the world.

Nonetheless, there are ways of cracking it for the first time and achieve a good score too.

Learn Time Management

Before you learn your approx 12,000 pages CA study materials, you need to learn how to manage your 24 hours time. You need to prepare a daily routine for study and follow it religiously. Forget about wasting time in social media, TV, hanging out with friends or something similar. There will be plenty of time for all these activities; right now, you need to crack your CA exam; that’s all.

Follow Your Study Routine

Never ever skip your daily routine of study until and unless it is something related to your health or family crisis. However, you should not study at a stretch for more than 8 hours. Studying for 10-11 hours at a stretch can stress your brain. Take short breaks of 20-30 minutes after every 2 or 3 hours of continues study so that you can feel relaxed and get the benefits of your study routine.

Meditation Is Good

Initially, you may find it difficult to concentrate on study for so long. It seems impossible to live a life without friends, social media, TV or music. You need to meditate daily to work on your concentration level. Gradually you will see that your concentration level will improve and you feel calm and focused.


Practice Mock Test

Your CA tuition institute or coaching class will arrange a mock test for you at a regular interval to evaluate your skill and knowledge. But that is not enough. You should practice the question papers of the previous years’ CA exams as a self-evaluation process which is highly effective. This will help you to understand your limitations and strength as well. You can learn from your mistakes and try to fix them as soon as possible before the real exam.

Practice, Practice, and Again Practice

Maybe it is for the 99th time that you are solving that same question, but you should not stop yourself from doing that. Practice and more practice is the mantra of success whenever you wish to crack a big exam like CA. Hence, it would help if you never stopped practising.

Stay Positive

We all have heard of that old saying “all study and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Do not be a dull boy in your life. Listen to music, spend quality times with your family, spend time with your pet or indulge some hobbies in feeling positive and fresh. These activities will help you feel more motivated towards your successful career.