5 Effective Tips For Increasing Mental Power of CA Foundation Students

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You’ll find a lot of blogs giving you tips for increasing your physical strength and sporting skills. However, not only the athletes but also the CA students need high mental strengths to overcome the tough levels of the exam. For those who have not walked in the path of competitive exams like CA, CS and CMA, it’s difficult to understand the complexity level of these exams.

You need a lot of patience, perseverance and a calm mind to get past the hurdles of a CA foundation examination. Continuous self motivation forms an integral part of discussing in every CA Foundation Pendrive class.  You might be wondering what’s the relation between mental toughness and CA foundation preparation?

To successfully pass the CA foundation exam with flying colours, you need to be mentally strong. It’s not possible to get past the exam in one go. If you get demotivated, then that’s the end of your CA career.

How strong mental skills can be developed by CA foundation students?

Meditate and increase concentration

Without a good level of concentration it is impossible to crack even the beginners level in CA foundation exams. You need to solve maths, english and data interpretation problems in a CA foundation course. So you definitely need to have a lot of contraction power to be able to remember the things you’ve studied. The best way to develop concentration skills is through meditation. So, if you’re an aspiring CA, then start meditating every morning from the very beginning. In the long run, you’ll definitely develop good concentration skills.

Develop self empathy

Does that sound weird? Even if the same sounds weird, remember that self empathy is a righteous virtue that can take you a long way into the path of being a CA. There can be times when failure comes repeatedly. In such cases, being mentally strong and keeping empathy for yourself is necessary. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Don’t over stress. If you do the same, you can end up failing in the exams. You might stumble and fall down several times. The trick is to pick yourself up, get up and move on!

Develop positive vision

With CA comes a lot of future career options. So, you need to keep a clear vision of things before you dive into the complex pool of exams. This is different from day dreaming. If you think you can become a CA within a year, then you’re in a fool’s paradise. Having a positive, clear and achievable vision can make your mind clear and keep you adhered to the regulations of CA foundation exams.

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Realise your skills

Develop your self awareness before you start your journey as a CA. You should  have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses for becoming a successful CA. How can you increase your productivity? What should you do to change your weaknesses into strengths? How to develop positive feelings? Until you get the answer to these questions, it’s impossible to crack the levels of CA foundation exams.

Develop patience level

Yes, last but not the least, you have to be highly patient, consistent and calm to become a good CA. This is a time consuming process. Even if you get past the CA foundation level easily,. You’ll get stuck in the mid and upper levels. Being calm and keep trying is the trick. If you give up, then the profession will go out of your hand.

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