4 Major Reasons Behind Students Quitting CA Courses

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CA exams are not an easy piece of cake. Although the syllabus is not huge, however, the question patterns are unpredictable. Moreover, this is a complete intellect-based examination and is not suitable for experts in book-based knowledge. Thus, CA is considered one of the toughest examinations in India. However, enrolling in some of the best CA foundations online classes can ease the journey.

They provide good advice and study material for reference. Professional institutes also train students to develop memorising skills, analytical skills, patience and perseverance skills. Thus, the easiest way to clear the CA examination is to keep a calm mind and learn how to apply the same to numerical problems.

However, every year, you’ll find thousands of students quitting the CA course in between. Here are a few reasons that force the students to quit CA.

Why do students quit CA courses nowadays?

Wide range of distractions

CA is one of the most prestigious degrees in India. To become a certified CA, you need to study hard without paying heed to your distractions. The advent of smartphones plays a big negative role in distracting the minds of young students from the study. It would be best if you sacrificed things like parties, night outs, events, and social media to secure this prestigious degree to your name.

Repeated failures

Although clearing the CA foundation in the first attempt is not difficult or impossible; however, the inter and the final exams are time-consuming. It might take you years at a stretch to complete the course. The repeated failures are a big reason that demotivates many students, and they end up quitting in between.

Confusion and bewilderment

Many CA aspirants are generally provoked by their families or friends to attempt the course. However, in between, under huge pressure, they become confused and bewildered. Thus, they leave in the middle. On the contrary, if the students are sure about the career option they want, there will be no confusion and no instances of quitting.

Other quick career opportunities

Nowadays, many small and medium career options are available that provokes the students to give up on the pressurised CA examinations. When you see your junior climbing up the career ladder, it becomes frustrating, and hence you might leave the CA course in between.

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